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Cartel Electronics Provides Printed Circuit Board Fabrication For All Types Of Customers. We Meet The Most Stringent Fabrication Requirements. Whether You Have A Quick-Turn Prototype, Short-Term Delivery Needs Or Are Looking For A Leader In High-Volume Manufacturing. Cartel Electronics Can Meet Your Project Needs.

Product Offerings:

  • High Mix/Low Volume Prototyping
  • Pre-Production
  • RFQ Response <2 Hours
  • QTA Multi-Layers In As Little As 24 Hrs
  • Standard Lead Time: 15 Days


  • Layer Count >36
  • Large Form Factor
  • Power Supply (Heavy Copper)
  • All Popular Surface Finishes Including Selective Plating
  • VIA Filling And Backdrill Capabilities

Manufactures of membrane switches, touchscreens, elastomeric switches, labels, graphic overlays, and other control assemblies.

  • Resistive And Capacitive Designs
  • Specialize In Building For Harsh Environments
  • Custom Films, Optical Bonding, Strengthened Glass And Component Integration
  • 6-8 Week Lead Time

High Mix and high Technology:

  •  prototypes in 5-10 days
  • center for technology development and R&D
  • Continual investment in state-of-the-art equipment