Viasystems offers a comprehensive range of PCB manufacturing services from our 12 production facilities. We have dedicated QTA operations capable of supporting PCB prototypes with lead times as short as 24 hours. We also offer quick-turn/prototyping with lead time as short as 5 days, depending on the technology and layer counts.

Viasystems integrated solutions provide a seamless flow to meet both mid and large scale PCB manufacturing requirements. And transition to volume production is simplified by utilizing the Viasystems integrated PCB model of NPI through high volume, cost effective production, all through a single provider.

Powerstax specialises in the design and manufacture of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies including DC-DC converters, transformer rectifiers, configurable, modular and bulk power switched mode power supplies (SMPS). In addition we provide value-added and complete custom power supply solutions for a wide range of markets including defence, medical, electro-chlorination, cathodic protection, aerospace, fuel cells, oil and gas and others.


Pioneer Magnetics is dedicated to providing high-quality value-added AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switchmode power supplies, power systems and engineering support to OEM companies as well as to the end user.